There was a story told that if one lay down on ones back with ones head in a very specific spot and at a very precise angle, on the floor of a completely dark cellar beneath a certain house on a certain street in a certain suburb of Buenos Aries and if one were to stare  upwards into the corner through the gap between the nineteenth and twentieth rungs of the access ladder, one would be able to see, in what appeared to be a tiny fragment of …..something- a something no bigger than ones fingernail- and mirrored in that ..something- irrespective of  its scale and without any distortion-  was the detailed multi dimensional image of every single aspect of the entire universe. That as I remember was the essence of  a tale  by the Argentine  author, critic, poet  and possessor of  the worlds most monumental imagination ; Jorge Luis Borges.

Can there really be such a thing? Without doubt! Not only do they exist in number but there are many many variations. It is a thing and has a name.  It is called an “Aleph.” Many people have seen them, many more have experience of them – though few are aware of their significance. The forms they may take are probably endless. From becoming lost in a familiar place to finding oneself suddenly in an unfamiliar one.

Sometimes they appear momentarily in a cloud or in a drying section on a wet sidewalk. I saw one myself just the other day in a rust flaked patch of green paint on an old steel girder at the entrance to the  subway, it was -I think – Hannibal crossing the alps or it may have been the storming of the Bastille or a church choir filing out of the vestry, it was one of the lesser examples of the phenomena a variant known as “Universal script” but no matter for  that. I searched the entire station next day, and the day after  to show a doubting friend  but could not find it again.

“Universal Script” is the genre I myself pursued when I was  younger when the tide of my imagination was at the flood. Time Passed. Now I need at least a full size visiting card for even “The Ardennes” a playing card at least to capture “Overlord” and a whole postcard needed for “Pacific Action” I am old. I do what I can but what would the master say of such  profligate wasting of space, he  who could create eternity in a grain of sand?

The original paintings below (excluding “Opening”) range in size from a business to a post card and are oil on board.  All will available as blow-up digital prints in the future.

I wish to inform the viewer that the “Opening” image is a painting of a fictitious exhibition at the Louvre of giant blow-ups of “The Ardennes” and “Overlord” from the “Aleph” miniature paintings sections in order to convey on what scale they should really be displayed, including the celebrities who should be present at such an auspicious occasion’’. The other image entitled “Pacific Action Crowd” is a Photoshopped gallery crowd pasted onto an even grander blow up of the miniature “Pacific Action”